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Ukrainian-Latvian business forum

On May 24, the Ukrainian-Latvian business forum was held, organized on the initiative of the Vinnytsia City Council and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Vinnytsia.

During the forum, representatives of the governments and businesses of both countries discussed promising areas of cooperation, particularly in information technologies. The participants representing the Vinnytsia IT Association shared their impressions with us:

Anna Maranchuk, COO of Plexteq: "Such events open up opportunities to find new partnerships and clients and also expand horizons and understanding of how different industries work. I am a big supporter of face-to-face meetings, and I am sure that establishing connections and partnerships should happen in this way. Thank you, IT association, for the opportunity to be present at this event."

Yuri Gumenchuk, CCO Winstars.AI: "Thank you for the excellent opportunity to meet with Latvian business, which is always ready to be a reliable partner of Ukraine.

We are united by courage and the right thing!"

Andrii Stakhov, founder of Covent.IT: "This event is a powerful tool for entering foreign markets, considering the current border crossing restrictions for the top management of companies. By interacting directly with the management of companies, we have a direct opportunity to find projects and start investments in the country."

Tetiana Chernyakevich, BDM MemCrab: "Latvian companies were open to dialogue, which opens up prospects for fruitful cooperation in the future. We thank the organizers for new opportunities."

Dariya Nyshporska, executive director of the IT Association of Vinnytsia: "Compared with the European experience, such meetings are trendy in the business world. I am grateful that our government and entrepreneurs understand this. Having worked fruitfully on IT networking, VN is heading for internationalization and continues to look for opportunities for cross-national interaction with local IT."

Thanks to active participation in the IT forum, VN gained valuable contacts and new opportunities to cooperate with Latvian partners. This opens up new horizons for development and promotes its integration into the international market.


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