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Announcement of a social NFT project in support of IDP children

Head of Partnership of the Vinnytsia IT Association Daria Nyshporska and board member of the International BF "Without Borders" Maria Ilinzer announced a social NFT project supporting IDP children.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Due to Russian aggression, hundreds of children from the East and South of Ukraine were forced to leave their homes and their social circle and, in the best case, go with their whole families to safe areas. However, children remained children - creative, mischievous, and curious. Such small citizens who moved to Vinnytsia inspired the creation of a large social project about the connection of repressed generations with their creativity.

"Without Borders," in cooperation with the IT community, will launch the debut Christmas NFT collection of children's AR pictures and create actual storytelling under the world-famous "Shchedrik" of our countryman M. Leontovych. The NGO "Visual Projects Center" will undertake the implementation. All proceeds will go to help IDP families.

💸By the end of the month, the team needs to collect UAH 140,000 for the technical implementation of the project


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