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🔥 Announcing the most technological educational program for schoolchildren

📕 Modern schoolchildren, representatives of the so-called Generation Z (or "Zumers"), enormously respect the feeling of the value of their work, obtaining quick results. However, each needs mentoring, training, and clear structuring of knowledge to succeed.

The Vinnytsia IT Association, together with the State Water Administration and OCTTUM, is starting the selection of participants for the "Technological Future of Vinnytsia" program - teaching the region's schoolchildren the basics of robotics, programming, and innovative entrepreneurship.

We invite school principals (or representatives responsible for them) to a presentation to get acquainted with the curriculum. We will talk about the purpose, goals, and objectives of the program 😎

📌 When? 18.10.2021

📍 Where? VOMC "Kvadrat"

📨 Send questions or suggestions to the IT Association at


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