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​​❤️‍🩹 Collection of funds to help victims of the explosion in Vinnytsia

After the July 14 tragedy, IT companies that are members of the Vinnytsia IT Association immediately volunteered to support the victims - it was decided to form a budget for charitable initiatives.

After discussing the situation with the state authorities of the city of Vinnytsia and analyzing the requests received from the victims, it became clear what kind of support 💸 can come from the state and local budgets and what the IT industry of the city should worry about.

It turned out that low-income and elderly citizens were left without the possibility of receiving the necessary assistance 🤕 They had property destroyed due to the explosion. Still, there is no legal mechanism for providing financial aid to state institutions.

To speed up the IT restoration process, the Association's member companies decided to help immediately and provide financing and organization of repair work at their own expense!

Currently, 700 thousand hryvnias of financial assistance have been collected, and the collection continues! The Vinnytsia IT Association calls on the entire IT industry to join and help in fundraising. After all, many victims still feel an urgent need for help. Every Ukrainian thinks, "just not today and just not to me," but we cannot influence the decision of the terrorist state. Therefore, let's unite for victory! 🇺🇦

📌 Official account of the Vinnytsia IT Association for transferring funds for assistance:

EDRPOU 42517210

No. UA543026890000026000055374342

🔗 or via the link

Everything will be Ukraine!


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