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⚡️ Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine from the head of the Vinnytsia IT Association

"Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Starting with these words, I want to share what the participating companies of the Vinnytsia IT Association are doing for our victory today, which is more than 5 thousand highly qualified employees:

1. UAH 3.5+ million have already been collected for the needs of the military, and ten times more direct aid from IT companies to our defenders, excluding personal donations from employees;

2. According to a preliminary estimate, 5% of IT industry specialists defend the country at the front, 10% are involved in IT development and cyber attacks for the military, 75% - donate to various charitable funds;

3. $3,500 is the average monthly contribution of each engineer to the economy of Ukraine for the export of IT services, as well as UAH 10,000 indirect taxes that help stabilize the economic condition of our country.

These numbers show that we, the employees of a single, fully functioning IT industry, can and do everything for the sake of our victory! So let's work for our happy future. Let's defend our country because we don't need another 🇺🇦

Strong Economy = Strong Army!


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