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🚚 Coping with IT business relocation/employee placement in Vinnytsia is easier with our support

For the 7th year in a row, Vinnytsia is recognized as the leader of the most livable cities to live in Ukraine, and before the start of the full-scale invasion, it was the fifth in terms of the number of IT specialists. So far, about 12% of IDPs from the eastern and southern regions have found refuge in Vinnytsia.

🦾IT Association of Vinnytsia has 20 top IT companies: EPAM, Delphi Software, Onseo, Astound Commerce, Letyshops, Exadel, Softserve, Ciklum, Infopulse, Existek, Ajax, Sigma Software, Eliftech, Memcrab, Dedey Digital, DRESSLAB, ASTA MOBI, Lampa, Avenga, Winstars Technology, which jointly develop productive networking.

Thanks to this, in a short period, we can contribute to:

- logistics to Vinnytsia and Central Ukraine;

- profitable commercial lease;

- resettlement of workers and their families;

- resolving legal issues at the local and state levels;

- the possibility of membership in the Association (with the corresponding project "balls")


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