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Customer Interview Preparation in English: Best Practices 

On June 11th, at 18:00, we invite you to the Meetup by Avenga  Topic: Customer Interview Preparation in English: Best Practices 

Speaker: Iuliia Iushchyk T&D Lead at Avenga

Are you preparing for an important client interview in English? Do you feel uncertain or fear language barriers? Or perhaps you want to enhance your effectiveness and leave a memorable impression on the client? This webinar will help you tackle these challenges!

In this webinar, Julia will share her experience and knowledge on how to make your client interviews in English not only less stressful but also enjoyable and successful.

What we will discuss:

  1. What to do before the interview?

  2. How to craft a top-notch self-presentation?

  3. How to handle tricky questions from the client?

  4. What questions should be asked to the client and how to do it politely in English?

Event language: Ukrainian.


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