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​​🌀Health Hackathon in Lviv - results

As we announced on Friday, the Head of the Vinnytsia IT Association - Dmytro Sofina, took part as a Mentor Lead in the 3-day Health Hackathon from the WHO in Lviv. Together with the team of one of the projects, they took 3rd place! You can read more about the event at the link.

What was the Task for which the team took third place? - Primary diagnosis according to the WHO protocol ✅ Task: conduct an interview with the patient, provide automatic recommendations according to the protocol, and only after that schedule an appointment with a doctor. Of course, if the symptoms indicate a disease.

"The decision is straightforward, but the team is well done. They made a visually pleasing app, and the presentation was top notch!" - comments Dmytro Sofina.

About 50 pitches 🎤 each team showed a decent level and exciting solutions.

"I liked the Hackathon organization itself. It was my first experience participating in such an organizing committee, so learning how this large-scale event works from the inside was valuable. The interaction of online and offline teams was fascinating," comments the Head of the Vinnytsia IT Association.


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