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🤝 IT Association of Vinnytsia with the support of the USAID Program "Competitive Economy of Ukraine" is launching the "IT HUB Central Ukraine" initiative

The severe economic challenges of the last two years showed the incredible resilience of the Ukrainian IT business, which brought in over $6 billion in export revenue per year. Despite the significant relocation of companies to the western regions, the center of Ukraine is steadily attracting convenient logistics and personnel potential - we believe in its competitiveness!

"IT HUB Central Ukraine" aims to support the business sustainability of IT companies operating and/or relocated to Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi and Zhytomyr.

Within the framework of the project, within 8 months, 60 IT companies from three regions of Ukraine will participate in:

☑️ Studies of technological and personnel capacities of the local market;

☑️ Two B2B meetings with the participation of local stakeholders and business communities, as well as experts in law, international finance, export, and public speaking;

☑️ Joint online trade mission to the market of Europe and the USA, having previously received individual consultations on pitching;

☑️ Cross-industry offline business marathon in Vinnytsia.

Also, we have already started work on the creation and further moderation of the consulting center platform, which will provide mentoring, legal and business support to IT companies from these regions.

The USAID program "Competitive Economy of Ukraine" supports Ukrainian businesses in order to increase their competitiveness in the domestic market of Ukraine and in international markets, helps in building a simplified and transparent business climate, and also provides Ukrainian companies with opportunities to take advantage of international trade.

🚀 To new business adventures!


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