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📢 IT VN Research 2023: reveal the secrets of the IT industry in Vinnytsia!

We know that you are interested in the world of IT and related professions. You have probably faced questions, fears and doubts accompanying the IT path.

That is why IT VN Research 2023 was created to reveal all the industry secrets and provide you with honest and open information about the current state of the IT industry in Vinnytsia.

🔍 What you will learn:

🔹 What opportunities does the IT industry open up in our city?

🔹 What fears and apprehensions most often arise among beginners and professionals in IT?

🔹 How is the IT sector developing in Vinnytsia, what are the prospects for growth and many other things.

Your answers to the questions in this survey will help us unlock these mysteries and understand how to make things better for you and others in the IT industry.

🗓 Deadline for completing the survey: November 1, 2023

Thank you for your active participation and support! 🚀


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