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Meeting with students: Job Search Methods and Career Development

On May 16, Daria Nyshporska, the head of IT VN, met with talented first-year students of the "Software" specialty of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering of VNTU! ‍

What was there?


  • We delved into the world of IT VN: Daria talked about the association's activities and the companies within it.

  • Unveiled the secrets of the job market: Thanks to the annual IT VN Research survey results, students learned about the accurate picture and promising directions of IT development in our city.

  • Got the key to a successful job search: We dissected cases on the DOU and LinkedIn platforms, learning about adequate resources and strategies to help them land their dream jobs.

IT VN believes in youth! We are always ready to support and guide the new generation of IT specialists on the way to a successful career.

We are also working on a memorandum of cooperation between VNTU and IT VN, which will strengthen our synergy and open new opportunities for the development of IT education in Vinnytsia.


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