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​​🤝 Official partners with Lampa Software

We continue our work and congratulate the Lampa Software company on joining the Vinnytsia IT Association!

Lampa Software is an outsourcing IT company located in the very center of Ukraine, in Vinnytsia. The company works in the digital solutions development field and has expertise for more than seven years.

The company's mission is to provide software development services with expertise and a friendly atmosphere that helps professionals develop quickly 🥇

The company creates mobile applications for iOS and Android, complex web/backend projects in various niches, and applications for Smart TV, tvOS, and Android TV. It provides services in UI design, business analysis, and project management—geography of clients - the Middle East, countries of Europe, and North America.

Lampa Software appeared on the IT map of the world in 2014 and is constantly growing 🌎 The number of projects in which the company was involved exceeds the mark of 120. At the same time, the total audience of projects already exceeds 30 million users!

The Lampa Software team is a young and energetic team in which it is easy and pleasant to work, with complete transparency in relationships, a lack of bureaucracy, and a portfolio of various projects, which is the foundation of the dynamic growth of employees. In particular, the editors of the Mc. Today's website included the company in rating the 100 best IT employers of 2021 in the segment of up to 100 employees.

According to the partners' feedback, the main virtues of Lampa Software are a high level of interaction and communication and an additional solid professional value that the business receives from cooperation.

Lampa Software is a piece of magic in software development ✨

Thank you for your trust! We work together to support a strong economy and the development of the IT industry of Vinnytsia 🚀


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