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Participation of the IT Association in the European Cluster Conference 2024

Vinnytsia IT Association was included in 15 Ukrainian business clusters representing their Brussels communities at the European Cluster Conference on May 7-8!

Our main focus has become:

- promotion of IT-Association Vinnytsia companies as reliable business partners;

- attracting the experience of European partners to build a joint startup ecosystem;

- exchange of experience in the development of cluster models.

Two days of matchmaking IT-Association Vinnytsia at the European cluster conference allowed us to present our community to representatives of startup incubators, IT, hardware, and cyber communities in Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland.

  • We cited successful cases and expertise of our participants in software development, the use of new technologies, in particular, AI;

  • We presented the results of our annual IT VN Research.

  • Outlined the main barriers for our business and called to support us with joint projects and orders;

  • The entry of the IT VN Association into the working group on the launch of educational programs for clusters was previously discussed;

Such measures allow us to be visible on the world market economically and politically! Ukraine must be a strong brand!

Our Ukrainian delegation's level of preparation and persistence repeatedly forced thoughtful silence when we used examples to prove the indomitability and resilience of Ukrainians....

Thanks to GIZ Ukraine #EU4Business, Quality Center for the invitation to join this event.

The publication's content is the sole responsibility of IT-Association Vinnytsia and does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union, the German government, GIZ.


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