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​​🤝Partner companies in conditions of war. DRESSLAB UA

DRESSLAB UA is a subsidiary of the German company DRESSLAB GmbH, which provides advanced developments in digitalizing clothes and people using the latest artificial intelligence approaches. DRESSLAB is a leading technology partner in the textile and fashion industry. Today, we will talk about how DRESSLAB UA, a partner company of the Vinnytsia IT Association, helps in times of war.

The company notes that DRESSLAB actively supports people and the country by arranging overnight accommodation for displaced people, resettling people around the city (Vinnytsia), and purchasing pillows and mattresses for institutions that receive refugees. In addition, the company's direct partners in Germany purchased and delivered about 15 tons of humanitarian aid. The company continues to work in this direction daily to help meet humanitarian needs.

DRESSLAB UA employees joined the IT army because protecting the information front is essential in today's war with Russia. The company notes that all team specialists help displaced and ordinary people with information, volunteering, or financial. After the start of the full-scale invasion, DRESSLAB UA helped the team members leave dangerous places in the country, particularly Kyiv, nd provided them with housing in the city of Vinnytsia.

The company says that if the situation worsens, the company will facilitate the evacuation of employees to safer places. The company representatives also leave the following comments about the work:

In the first days, the team was constantly in touch 24/7 in the chat, everyone supported each other. Regarding work, everything is going according to plan, our team is working on projects, and we have even opened vacancies and are inviting new people to the team!. Every employee gives 200%, and when you are at work, there is no time to worry.


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