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​​🤝 Partner companies in conditions of war. Infopulse Ukraine

"Infopulse company supports the position of the defenders of Zmiiny Island regarding the direction of the Russian army" - this is the message that the Infopulse Ukraine team posted on the network on February 24, 2022, and after that, their position did not waver even one step.

Their Facebook page also states the following: "Infopulse Ukraine," - a company founded in 1991 - the same year as the birth of independent Ukraine, will never stay away from the turning points in the country's history. The fate of our company is inseparable from the fate of Ukraine."

Following the activity of the team, we see that from the first days of the war, they actively help their specialists: relocation, humanitarian aid, temporary accommodation in offices, early payment of remuneration for services, etc.; 24/7 assistance is provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and this is a volunteer movement in support of the Ukrainian army even before the war, the transfer of IT equipment to territorial defense groups in Lviv, financial assistance to the Lviv IT cluster and the "Return Alive" aid fund for Ukrainian military personnel, and more a lot of activities to support specialists, defense and just people.

In addition, Tietoevry, the parent company of Infopulse, began ceasing operations in Russia after the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Now, the company continues to work on projects, donates funds, transfers computer equipment to the Lviv City Council and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and actively communicates with volunteers about assisting. In addition, the company page has supportive posts about helping children, improving mental health, and fresh patriotic banners))


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