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​​🤝Partner companies in war conditions. LetyShops

LetyShops is the largest cashback service in Ukraine and neighboring countries. According to the latest data (until February 24), the Ukrainian company LetyShops, whose principal office is in Vinnytsia, was the leader in the Ukrainian market and the largest cashback service in the CIS. The total turnover of stores from customers amounted to $35 million every month.

However, at the beginning of the war, the company reacted immediately, and after cutting off customers from the Russian Federation, it lost 40% of its turnover and 13 million customers. In Ukraine, earnings fell by 90%. Ihor Hnatovskyi, the founder of LetyShops, shared a comment for the editorial office of AIN.UA about how his business is surviving the war. The Vinnytsia IT Association summarized the key points of the partner company's work.

The company's management did not believe in a full-scale attack by Russia, so the BCP was not developed. From the first days, the priority of LetyShops was the safety of employees and assistance to soldiers and Ukraine. In addition to the disconnection of Russia, there is a 90% drop in income in Ukraine. The manager notes that the reasons are clear: advertisers stopped marketing expenses, and people began to buy only the most necessary. However, the situation in the rest of the countries is almost unchanged.

"We were also accepted by Diya.City. Here I would like to note separately that the application was considered for 2 days - this is fantastic," says Ihor Hnatovskyi.

About the team. Even though the company lost almost half of the turnover, some colleagues who were left without work still received wages. Although the company suffered a lot financially - no one was fired, and most of the team had already returned to the previous rhythm of work without considering the information background.

Regarding volunteering and financial assistance, the company gives the following comment:

From the first day of the war, we accommodated people fleeing the war in the Vinnytsia office. The office was adjusted to the maximum possible conditions for an overnight stay. People come from different parts of Ukraine, families, individuals, organized groups. As of April 28, 4,200 people and about 1,000 pets were housed. In addition, we provide free food for refugees: snacks, fruit, tea and coffee. Local restaurants, with which we have established cooperation, help with hot meals.

The company sent about UAH 7.5 million to the Armed Forces and UAH 1.5 million to help affected children. Of them, 2.7 million came from the company, and the rest — Letyshops users sent their accumulated cashback. Volunteering is still ongoing - money collection continues, the office accepts refugees, and helmets and thermal imagers are purchased. A few days ago, a post appeared on the company's Facebook page announcing the resumption of work!


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