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🎊 Today the IT Association of Vinnytsia celebrates its first anniversary - 5 years!

It was on October 3, 2018 that the companies Winstars_AI, Memcrab, Covent IT and Existek signed our first Charter, and Dmytro Sofina became our Godfather for these years)

During this time, we have grown not only quantitatively, but also gained invaluable partnerships that allow us to speak directly with the government, international and Ukrainian business associations to influence local infrastructure and training of future personnel.

We have an excellent reputation on the Ukrainian and European markets! This is all thanks to each of you - those who are actively involved in the promotion and work of the IT industry of our city.

🦾 Currently, Vinnytsia is once again among the top most technological and most comfortable cities of Ukraine - and has the potential to become the center of the entire IT movement in central Ukraine!

❤️ Thank you everyone for being with us!


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