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UME UP | Startup Experience`24

🚀 Dreaming of boosting your startup? Join UME UP | Startup Experience'24 and meet innovation leaders! 🌟

🔥 Soon, you'll hear success stories from experienced speakers: 

🔹 Vadim Rogovskiy 🇺🇦 - Co-founder & CEO of 3DLOOK 

🔹 Yuriy Zaremba - CEO of AISDR 

🔹 Max Lysak - Co-founder of Mate academy 

🔹 Sergii Shakalov - CEO of KNESS

⚡️ The most active participants will receive a special reward—a chance to meet a secret top speaker at an exclusive offline meeting! 😎

📲 Register now to not miss out on the exciting events:

The innovation community awaits you 🚀

🖇 UME UP | Startup Experience 24 is an initiative by the Міністерство цифрової трансформації України, the Ukrainian Startup Fund, and the R&D Center WINSTARS.AI, aimed at promoting the development of Ukrainian startups and strengthening the innovative business ecosystem in Ukraine.


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