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Statement of
the IT Association


For more than 50 days a full-scale war has been going on in Ukraine. The initial confusion was replaced by a clear plan of action, adapted to a specific person, field, or business. The IT industry is also on this list. Undoubtedly, almost every Ukrainian IT company had its own BCP plan in case of war, though no one actually believed in its practical application.

"About a week" - that's how long it took to coordinate logistic issues, urgently relocate employees, provide additional financial support and adjust to the new pace of work. Based on information from the IT Association of Ukraine, as of March 23, more than 70% of IT professionals work in safe regions of Ukraine, and the other 16%, mostly women, work abroad. Vinnytsia ranks 7th on the list of the safest cities, where 67.3% of IT professionals continue to work (statistics from DOU, data formed on the basis of 188 questionnaires). In general, Ukraine's economic front is now defended by more than 85% of IT professionals.

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Activities of Vinnytsia IT Association

The Association coordinates the activities of the IT industry of the Vinnytsia region and actively continues its educational programs: communication with partner companies, dissemination of relevant and useful information through the channels of the Vinnytsia IT community, and the largest Telegram in the region We also managed to form a cyber army - IT Army of Vinnytsia, which unites 200+ specialists, and whose activities are supervised by the cyber police and the Security Service of Ukraine (new volunteers are joining continuously).

Upon request to the State authorities, the heads of offices and partner companies of the Association received permits for round-the-clock travel in Vinnytsia, if necessary. Also, the relevant structures received information on crossing the border and the green corridors for humanitarian aid. This is especially important for our partners, who are volunteering on a large scale and supplying large humanitarian cargoes from abroad.

The team of the Vinnytsia IT Association regularly informs foreign partners about the possibility of supporting Ukraine (including sharing the details of the NBU accounts for financial assistance), as well as sharing resources with useful information and current events.

Help and support

In a short time, the Association has managed to form and make available a database of volunteer centers for free settlements. Our Smart IT City partners also did not stay aside. On the basis of the IT Park 19 smart apartments and coworking spaces for temporarily displaced persons were created. At the moment, all locations are occupied - IT specialists from Kharkiv and Kyiv are able to live and work there. We continue to look for new options for settlement.

In addition, we helped 8 partner companies with the evacuation to Vinnytsia! Currently, they are settling in a new place and strengthening the IT industry of Vinnytsia.

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Cooperation with clusters and the State

In the first weeks of the war, the Association, in cooperation with the Republic of Moldova, agreed to a corridor for the evacuation of women, children, and the elderly to Chisinau. Furthermore, we coordinated people who expressed a desire to temporarily change their place of residence.

Thanks to the cooperation with the partner team, the HELP UA information board was developed and launched to providers and seekers of assistance. The site works in all regions of Ukraine, so anyone can leave a request.

Large-scale work is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, IT Clusters and Associations of Ukraine. Among the key points:

- free delivery of Starlink equipment from Space X, in order to provide satellite Internet to members of the Association (Vinnytsia IT Association is waiting for the last batch of ordered kits);

- formation of a reserve among key employees of IT companies, in order to delay their mobilization;

- work on the register of requests with orders for small IT companies that had contracts with Ukrainian companies to save jobs.

And dozens of other initiatives and actions that our team is taking to strengthen Ukraine through strengthening the IT community.

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This article highlights the main areas of activity of the Vinnytsia IT Association since the beginning of the war. Every day we continue to work, improve the IT industry and help others do it. In order to support our defenders at the forefront even more, we have opened a charity fundraising account "Let's Live". The raised funds are sent to help the military units of Vinnytsia. The Association is always involved in information support initiatives, fighting on the cyber front and, of course, does not cooperate with agressor`s customers or projects. We urge you to be aware and make decisions in support and assistance to our State 🇺🇦

Please, remember: Strong Economy = Strong Army. We work, help, implement projects, and we know: Все буде Україна!

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