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🌟 450 kilometers and two intensive days of visits to colleagues from Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi in order to combine our capacities and conquer the IT market together!

As part of the project of the Vinnytsia IT Association IT Hub Central Ukraine, we gathered several dozen technology businesses and partners to delve into:

▪️ The most modern strategies and approaches regarding legal regulation in IT;

▪️ Self-presentation that will allow you to sell your brand;

▪️ International grant programs to support SMEs;

▪️ The role of clusters in the formation of one of the most powerful industries in Ukraine.

"The" IT Hub Central Ukraine" project is our attempt to support IT companies that choose Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, and Zhytomyr as their home. We want to create an incredible community that will grow our cities with us," - comments the executive director of IT VN Daria Nyshporska.

⚡️ During the meetings, we shared experiences and ideas and discussed current and prospects for cooperation, including joint research, business events, and cross-support of local higher education institutions.

The""ITHub Central Ukrain"" project was made possible with the support of the USAID Program""Competitive Economy of Ukrain"".

The USAID program""Competitive Economy of Ukrain"" supports Ukrainian business to increase competitiveness in the domestic market of Ukraine and in international markets, helps in building a simplified and transparent business climate, and also provides Ukrainian companies with opportunities to take advantage of global trade.


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