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EPAM Ukraine, LetyShops and Vinnytsia IT Association contributed to the approach of our victory!

On behalf of the entire IT community, we would like to express our gratitude to the volunteer centers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that we can quietly contribute at workplaces, supporting the economic rear of our country.

"This time, with their support, a thermal imager was purchased for the fighters in the Kharkiv direction, which they desperately needed for fighting at night. Unfortunately, during heavy shelling, the safety equipment of our guys is often destroyed, lost, or simply out of order, and we have no right to leave the fighters without night vision devices because it is an insane risk to life, especially for those whose positions are constantly being sprayed with fire by the enemy." , - the "Podilska hromada" community foundation on its Facebook page.

💙💛So don't forget about the heroes who defend our country around the clock - who can support the Armed Forces!


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