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Expansion of the Vinnytsia IT family: we are pleased to welcome PLEXTEQ as part of IT VN

🔥 The Ukrainian-Estonian company Plexteq has become part of the Vinnytsia IT Association!

This will allow the company to actively cooperate with other players in the market, exchange best practices, and work together to develop new technological solutions.

Plexteq has provided software development services, mainly in SaaS, for eight years. Plexteq's customers include large and well-known companies from the EU, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, working in the fields of energy, health and biotechnology, video streaming and online conferencing, telecommunications, etc.

"We are sincerely glad that companies with so many years of expertise want to join the development of the local community. We hope for fruitful cooperation with our new members!" - comments Daria Nyshporska, director of IT VN.


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