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General Meeting 2023

🤝 Congratulations to the members of the IT industry of Vinnytsia!

As part of the General Meeting 2023, we discussed the achievements and challenges of the Vinnytsia IT industry for 2023 and approved plans for 2024.

🚀 The main goal of 2024 is the development of intra-Ukrainian inter-industry cooperation. We are also considering opportunities to participate in a number of overseas business events, which will be a step towards our international partnerships.

A very important part of our presentation was the presentation of IT VN Research 2023. Community members got exclusive access to the full version of the research. This is an annual comprehensive study of Vinnytsia IT, which determines our place in the market, the economic impact of the industry, etc. A basic version of the study will be available on our website this week.

🔥 We sincerely invite you to join the Association to jointly contribute to the development of our industry. You can enter using the link.

We would also like to thank all participating companies for their significant contribution to developing the IT industry in Vinnytsia. Together we will make our city and our industry even better!


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