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Hooray! Vinnytsia has been explored 🤩

Yesterday in Vinnytsia, a closed presentation of the first comprehensive study of the IT industry of Vinnytsia IT VN Research-2021 took place. The exhibition was attended by representatives of the Association's member companies and guests. About half a thousand Vinnytsia IT specialists were surveyed 😱 We are sure this indicator will be twice as significant next year!

At the meeting, they talked about the economic and social indicators of the impact of information technologies on the economy of the city and the country. After data processing, a portrait of the average IT person and his attitude to various spheres of life (education, recreation, work space, travel, technology, and attitude to quarantine) was compiled and analyzed. We saw the demand for various programming languages, considered the issue of intellectual migration of personnel, and found out why a whole "army of Junes" had gathered in our country 🤫

Additionally, the program plan of the Association for 2022 was discussed. It included educational, career guidance, and ecosystem projects📈

Similar studies have already been conducted in large centers of Ukraine, so we have something to compare with and strive for. We determine the most significant impact, approximately, for 2025. Therefore, all our projects aim to increase the number of specialists in the Vinnytsia IT market.


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