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IT VN Research 2023: Revealing the IT Potential of the Industry in Vinnytsia

Today, we are pleased to present IT VN Research 2023, an important initiative opening the curtain on the information technology industry in the Vinnytsia region. This annual survey aims to collect and analyze statistical, economic, and demographic data related to our region's IT industry.

IT VN Research 2023 is an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the IT industry, including demographics, technology, workspace, and infrastructure, and forecasts from industry leaders. This study is a vital tool for understanding the current state and future development of IT in the Vinnytsia region.

Main features of IT VN Research 2023:

International Range: The study will be available in Ukrainian and English ​​to attract experts from different countries.

Closed Access for Participating Companies: Companies participating in the study will receive special access to the total volume of data.

Global Presentation of the Results: An offline presentation of the results at the local level is planned, and a slice of the data will be distributed to international partner associations, business unions, and investment bases.

We invite all IT professionals and companies working in the Vinnytsia region to join IT VN Research 2023 and share their unique experiences for further industry development.

Why you should join:

✅ You become part of the history of IT in Vinnytsia and influence its development;

✅ Your answers will help improve working conditions and life in our city.

Your participation is the key to creating a better future for IT in the Vinnytsia region.

📆 The study continues until October 15.

🌐 Event details:


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