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​​🤝Partner companies in conditions of war.Asta.Mobi

ASTA.MOBI is a consulting company that specializes in developing solutions for brands, technology companies and startups. The company recently became a partner of the Vinnytsia IT Association. We are glad for the partnership and hope for fruitful further cooperation!

But we have something to write about our new partner. Asta.Mobi, in cooperation with customers, bought a drone and transferred it to the front line. In addition, more than 15 thousand hryvnias were transferred to the needs of the army from the company alone. Additionally, each team member joins volunteer meetings and makes personal contributions to official charity accounts.

The team is located in a relatively safe area, in Vinnytsia, and therefore continues to work and fully pay salaries to employees. Funding also goes to those workers who are currently undergoing training in military units and on the front lines!

The company notes that there was no thought of downsizing, on the contrary - the company is expanding and invites candidates to join positions such as: Python Developer (Senior), Machine learning (ML) architect (Strong Middle/Senior), Golang Developer (Senior) , QA Engineer (Senior). Therefore, all those interested can familiarize themselves with the positions and apply using the feedback form on the website.


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