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​​🤝 Partner companies in conditions of war. EPAM Ukraine

"Sometimes we are in despair, sometimes we are indignant, but every day we help the country with faith and hope" - such a message sounded in one of the posts of the EPAM Ukraine company.

"ERAM in Ukraine is 15 years of dedicated work in innovative developments. It also has 14,000 excellent specialists throughout the country.

Today, together, we are doing everything possible, sometimes impossible, to bring peace in Ukraine closer. To save the country and its people. I want to continue developing a high-tech business here. The company's position is clear and transparent - condemning the war and helping the country."

On its Facebook page, ERAM Ukraine posts relevant information: charitable contributions, financial assistance, advice on maintaining mental health, employee history, etc.; information in social networks is supplemented on the website.

We learned from the company's official employees in Ukraine that now all ERAM's efforts are aimed at helping those colleagues who, for various reasons, remain in dangerous regions — informational support, organization of evacuation and shelter, etc. ERAM Ukraine has 6 shelters in Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Dnipro, and Uzhgorod. More than 2.5 thousand people took advantage of their opportunities. Also, based on ERAM offices, workspaces are organized directly for project activities. Shelters have been set up in ERAM representative offices abroad, where you can get advice and help with finding housing. Also, to support the psychological state, free services of a professional psychologist are provided.

All specialists received additional financial assistance and continue to receive compensation and social guarantees, as in pre-war times. Special conditions have been introduced for those specialists who have joined the ranks of the Armed Forces or the Territorial Defense - during their absence, their positions, compensations, all available benefits are fixed, and an additional compensation package is provided to support them and their families.

As for work on projects - it is being carried out. According to the company representative, everyone in safe conditions and able to work on the project is returning to work; their number is about 75%. Colleagues who are not involved in commercial projects or work with customers are now engaged in internal volunteer projects and continue to receive compensation and other benefits in full, as well as those who cannot work because they are in danger on the road to a safe place. Currently, ERAM Ukraine is making every effort to continue work with the usual level of productivity.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion, despite the support of Ukraine, a wave of negativity was directed at the company, regarding the blocking of corporate notebooks of employees in cyber warfare and the continuation of work on the territory of Russia. The company quickly reacted and gave contrary facts to such accusations, and from today there was news about the complete cessation of work with the aggressor country.


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