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​​🤝 Partner companies in conditions of war. Existek

The company writes on social networks: "Ukraine is currently in a state of active war. The Existek team and the people of Ukraine are fighting for life, independence, European values, and the right to live and work freely."

First, the company published an interim report on its activities during the war on its Facebook page. Recently, an appeal appeared on the official page of the blog about the position of the Existek team regarding the continuation of further work.

The article talked about the support of the Armed Forces, the establishment of the work process, customer support, assistance to employees, the situation in the region, mobilization and its impact on employees, as well as the new office in Romania 🙌

You can read about each area in detail at the link above. The main message of the company today is stable work and support of the economy of Ukraine because the war "is only one of the barriers on the rocky road to a better future" 🇺🇦


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