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​​🤝Partner companies in conditions of war. MemCrab

The Vinnytsia IT Association continues its column in which it talks about the help and support of partner companies in wartime conditions. Today we will talk about the Vinnytsia company MemCrab.

The company notes that since the beginning of the war, everyone has been working full time: employees continue to have a full working day and full wages paid on time. In addition, they do not forget about viewing raids. Therefore, work on projects is carried out in full. The internal activities of the company and the development of employees are gradually being restored.

Also, all employees have the choice to work from home or go to the office. The company provides equipment if necessary. Also, everyone who wanted to was helped with relocation, and the main team composition, which is 90%, stayed in Vinnytsia at their own request.

Attention is also paid to the mental health of employees. The priority is taking care of employees and supporting the economy of Ukraine 🇺🇦 Employees are also engaged in cyber support: they set up websites, carry out DDoS attacks and ban the enemy on social networks🦾

You can follow more of the company's activities and news on social networks. For example, Facebook has supportive posts and team celebrations of Vyshyvanka Day.


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