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​​🤝 Partner companies in conditions of war. Onseo

Each of our partner companies participates in volunteering and helping both its employees and Ukraine; Onseo is one of them. The Vinnytsia IT Association took a comment from a representative of the company and learned about the implementation of projects, assistance and the company's work in wartime conditions.

Regarding the execution of projects and communication with customers, Anna, marketing manager, gives the following answer: "The company is grateful to our customers who showed loyalty and gave time to rebuild the work." Therefore, despite everything, the team is now fully working and implementing projects.

Also, Anna notes that currently only 8% of colleagues reported that they could not work, or were partially/temporarily limited in this possibility. Some of them are due to the direct protection of the country from the invaders!

Onseo paid out part of the compensation on February 24-25, so that having a reserve of money, employees would have more options for getting out of various situations. "Our main priority is team safety." That is why monitoring colleagues and taking care of their stay in a safe place happens every day. At the beginning of the war, on February 28, the company organized the relocation of women and families to Sofia, Bulgaria, where one of their offices is located.

"Our main priority is team safety"

Now a little bit about help on a general level: mattresses, blankets and slow cookers have been purchased and refugees are being accepted for the night in the office. Also, a volunteer staff organized by the employees works in one of the offices. The actuality of the necessary items is reported by the workers themselves who went to defend Ukraine and better understand the needs of the defenders, and the Onseo team does everything possible to get these items. For example, the last time they handed over a batch of radios to the soldiers.

You can read more about the life of the team and "first-hand" stories, advice on mental health, volunteering and the kitchen in one of the offices on the company's page!😉


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