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​​🤝Partner companies in conditions of war. SoftServe

If most Ukrainians returned to work and usual affairs after the call of Arestovych and other ministers of Ukraine, the SoftServe company understood this in the first hours of the Russian offensive: "It is no less important now to continue doing what we are experts in."

On the first day of the war, the SoftServe Facebook page expressed its position. The post talked about constant assistance to defenders over the past eight years and the transfer of a large amount of funds from the "Open Eyes" charity fund to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on February 24.

SoftServe is a top-2 of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, so there are offices in most Ukrainian cities, particularly in "hot spots." According to Yaroslav Lyubinet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SoftServe, about 3,000 workers have moved to safe locations since the beginning of the war. The number of colleagues who moved within the country and abroad is almost the same, says Yaroslav.

The company worked at half capacity for the first week in connection with the relocation and adjustment of logistical issues. However, starting in the second week, the workers became more active and began to work not only for themselves but also for those who joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, TrO, or were unable to do their work. Wages remained stable for all employees.

Work on projects. The TChairmanman of the company's Board of Directors claims that "the number of clients as of April 7 has practically not changed"; on the contrary - new contracts are being concluded, and new employees are being recruited. However, some customers have one requirement: the employee must be abroad or in a safe place in the west of Ukraine.

You can read about the life of the company and its employees, help, volunteering, the launch of new applications, and free training on the company's page. You can also find advice there and be inspired by how a small help from each employee can have a large scale in general!


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