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​​🤝 Partner companies in war conditions. Ciklum

Today is when we talk about the essential contributions of our partner companies in support of Ukraine. Ciklum is our partner company that will be discussed today.

As part of a series of initiatives, Ciklum, under the general name #CiklumStandsWithUkraine, directed funds to several main tasks, including 1️⃣ assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine; 2️⃣ support of colleagues and their loved ones, in particular, for moving to safer locations and settling there; 3️⃣ support of charitable organizations and humanitarian initiatives that help Ukrainian military and civilians in need.

The company notes that before the start of the war, the company advised specialists to relocate as a preventive measure temporarily. It was about moving to safer areas within Ukraine or abroad. Ciklum reimbursed the relevant expenses and provided per diems for the initial period of residence in another location. Therefore, on February 24, after the start of the full-scale invasion, some specialists in the places of most significant risk at that time had already relocated.

As part of the internal charity platform From Patriots to Patriots, since the beginning of the year, Ciklum specialists have donated more than 70,000 dollars, which are directed to charitable organizations - "SOS Army," "Combat UA," "Tabletochki," and since the beginning of the war - to a particular account of the NBU for aid to the Army and the "Come Back Alive" fund 💸

In addition, Ciklum specialists organized and participated in dozens of charitable initiatives, from the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to crowdfunding of equipment for the Defenders of Ukraine. Andriy Oksenyuk, CFO of Ukrainian Ciklum, notes the following:

With the war, local Ciklum hubs (offices of the company that turned into co-working spaces with covid) did not lose their "social" significance, even despite the relocation of a significant number of specialists. The Lviv, Vinnytsia and Dnipro offices of Ciklum have become centers of a certain kind of extended community, and sometimes a temporary shelter for colleagues who have left their homes.

Thanks to proactive relocation and colleagues' involvement, Ciklum has maintained its productivityductivind steadfastly adheres to its commitments to clients. Despite the war, over 95% of the Ciklum team returned to their usual performance. As with COVID, remote work is fully supported.

The company understands the stressful situation, so they have strengthened the mental health program and regularly hold webinars on psychological adaptation and countering anxiety.

The company also actively talks about its activities on pages on social networks. Thanks to Ciklum for telling us about your contribution, you can find out more at the link.


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