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​​🤝 Partner companies in wartime conditions. Lampa Software

Today, we will learn about the work of another partner company of the Vinnytsia IT Association - Lampa Software - during the war. We were told about assistance, implementation of projects, and the general condition of the team. We invite you to read.

Lampa Software is a Vinnytsia IT company known for its unique atmosphere, team friendliness, and care for employees - "lampa." With the beginning of the war, these accents not only did not disappear but, on the contrary, multiplied and gained even greater significance in the conditions of the unpredictable development of events in Ukraine.

An equally important aspect during the war was humanitarian support for people forced to leave their permanent places of residence. Thus, the company provides official housing, participates in humanitarian purchases for internally displaced persons, and assists family-type houses.

For the International Children's Day, the company organized a "Give a holiday to a child" action. Its purpose is to collect funds for a family-type house that was evacuated to Vinnytsia from Kurakhovo. This event united Lampa Software employees even more strongly around the desire to improve the living conditions of children, and of course, not to leave them without useful gifts, goodies and attention on the first day of summer - and most importantly ATTENTION.

Of course, during martial law, it is essential to maintain the safety of employees and their loved ones and ensure the possibility of the work process. In war, it is necessary to keep the psychological balance of the team for productive work and support of a reliable rear for the military.

That is why the company decided to hold several internal events for employees. For example, training was conducted on the theory and practice of providing first aid during military operations. At the end of May, the company organized an art therapy session for everyone.

She allowed a specific time to put aside thoughts and fantasize on the canvas. E-sports competitions and themed evenings were organized and timed to 🇺🇦 national holidays (particularly Vysyvanka Day).

Lampa Software strives to improve the country's situation and help those who need it as much as possible. With faith in their hearts, the team comes to workplaces daily to get closer to such a long-awaited victory.

Ukrainians hold on, we do not give up and believe in our victory!


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