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Reintegration of veterans into work processes

🪖Last Thursday, the IT Association of Vinnytsia, on the initiative of EPAM Ukraine, united veterans, public figures, representatives of business and government within the framework of the panel discussion "Reintegration of veterans into work processes".

During the discussions, they talked about the path of a veteran, what soldiers may face after returning from service, how to prepare civilians and businesses to meet them and provide support.

🔨As part of the event, charity lots were also drawn, the collected UAH 4,500 was directed to the needs of the NGO Hardened Hearts.

🔗For how the event took place, see the story:

Вінницька міська радаVeteran Hub, центр ветеранського розвитку, центр лікування болю та реабілітації "Прометей", SoftServe UkraineVinnytsia IT-AcademyВНМУ ім.Пирогова


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