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🎉 The second Code & Cheers Stand-Up took place - marketing chill)

We would like to thank the Beer&Blues establishment for the warm welcome, as well as the photographer Anna Shokalo for the atmospheric shots!

🎙Also thanks to our speakers: Bohdan and Daria, who shared their awkward situations and real experiences!

IT VN Open Days is an unparalleled opportunity to join the days of "open doors" (excursions) to the offices of IT companies. These activities include stories about companies and their teams, personal cases and a Q&A part that will help students gain unique experience in the IT world.

This initiative is designed to make choosing a career in IT more deliberate. IT VN Open Days will help students and young professionals understand what the IT industry is like in action, as well as find their place in this exciting sector.

Therefore, we invite all interested students and young professionals to join the IT VN Open Days. By filling out the questionnaire on our website, you will have the opportunity to participate in events, learn more about the work of the companies, the team and what is behind their success. You can already book a visit to Epam Systems, Luxoft, Winstars.AI and Lampa Software.

Unlock your potential in IT, learn from professionals and build your future career in this exciting industry. Join IT VN Open Days right now and take the first step to your successful IT career!


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