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​​🪖 Vinnytsia IT Association together with partner companies purchased military uniforms

During the period of a full-scale invasion, we learned to give thanks. To feel gratitude for small and big deeds 💙 Thank you: for a day without anxiety, for the opportunity to meet with friends, and especially every day we thank the Armed Forces for protecting us and you! 🇺🇦

Vinnytsia IT Association also thanks every day, especially partners, for their support and help, including financial. Today we would like to express our special gratitude to partner companies LetyShops, EPAM, Sigma Software Group, LAMPA - Comfy Software Development, and Winstars Technology LLC for their financial support 👐 Together, we provided uniforms and equipment for 120 military personnel in particular uniforms of a specific size were purchased - extra small and extra large 🪖

Anyone can join the fundraiser to help our defenders by following the link in the description or using the details below👇

Official account of the Vinnytsia IT Association for transferring funds for assistance: EDRPOU 42517210, No. UA543026890000026000055374342

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