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💡We keep abreast of news regarding IT education reform in Ukraine

🎓We chose the direction of work with Ukrainian universities because, as it turned out, about half of IT graduates do not work in their specialty!

✅Our comments related to:

▪️ Equal support opportunities for all cities of Ukraine;

▪️ Equal privileges for private and state universities;

▪️ Indexation of efficiency and grant stimulation of universities;

▪️ Debureaucratization of the curriculum;

▪️3-year bachelor's degree with 100% internal practice for the education of Middle specialists;

▪️ systems of free choice of subjects for students and free schedule;

▪️a scholarship program from IT companies for the best university students with further employment;

▪️ Adaptations of the UFS program for student startup projects;

▪️ Increasing the salaries of the best teachers with the help of grant development together with students.

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