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About the project

IT VN Charity is a collection of charitable initiatives that the IT Association of Vinnytsia community implemented with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine from the beginning of March 2022.


*It is important to emphasize that this page only contains information about local initiatives the Vinnytsia IT Association team implemented. In addition, according to our annual comprehensive study IT VN Research 2023, 77.6% of Vinnytsia IT workers will donate to the Armed Forces, and every fourth company has its military project. Currently, Vinnytsia ranks 4th in Ukraine regarding the average donation size.


During the presentation of the Tech Connect platform, charity lots were drawn. In this way, it was possible to collect 12,500 hryvnias, which were donated to the development of the Department of Drones from the Vinnytsia IT Academy


Together with partners UA Tech Network, Country of Dreams and Epicenter, IT VN shared 10 modern tablets with covers and sweet gifts as New Year's gifts for military children from Vinnytsia. The gifts were given personally to the fighters of the 93rd "Kholodny Yar" 


Together with FST Ukraine, thanks to the active gathering among the Telegram community of the Association and the Letyshops company, we delivered the first part of the purchased sports equipment to the Vinnytsia region—war veterans hospital.


As a result of charity auctions at the Code & Cheers Stand-Up meetup community, the IT VN community collected and donated 25,250 hryvnias to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Together with Letyshops, EPAM Ukraine, Lampa Software, Exadel, Existek, Onseo donated UAH 517,000 for the H20T camera for the Matrice 300 shock quadcopter, which was handed over to the 120th SMB

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Together with EPAM Ukraine and LetyShops, collected UAH 69,000 and handed over the Cyclops 335 thermal imaging monocular to the fighters in the Kharkiv direction.

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The IT Association of Vinnytsia participated in the replacement of windows in the entrances of three buildings that were damaged as a result of the Russian terrorist attack on July 14. In particular, together with EPAM Ukraine, Onseo, Infopulse, Exadel, Avenga, and Dedey Digital transferred UAH 700,000 to These are the houses: Shmidta, 34, V. Vinnichenko, 33, Zamostyanska, 27.

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Together with Letyshops, EPAM Ukraine, Sigma Software, Lampa Software, and Winstars.AI, we provided uniforms and equipment for 120 soldiers; specifically, uniforms of a specific size were purchased - extra small and extra large.

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In cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and IT Ukraine, we provided Association member companies with a batch of 33 Starlink satellite communication systems with free subscriptions. We also thank the Infopulse team for helping deliver systems from Western Ukraine.


The Vinnytsia IT Association and Winstars Technology R&D engineers have created an announcement platform for the needs of the Ukrainian population. The service is called HELP UA. With the platform's help, you can help the army find housing, find transport, and receive humanitarian aid. Two main menus are available to users: "Give Help" and "Help Needed".

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