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About the project

IT VINnovations - a series of projects aimed at supporting the relevance and development of the necessary educational skills for young IT professionals

Cooperation with universities

Since 2018, the IT Association of Vinnytsia has been participating in the review of educational programs for local higher education institutions, in particular the bachelor's program "Software Engineering" and "Cybersecurity of Critical Systems" of VNTU, the bachelor's program "Information Technologies in Business" and the master's program "Information Technologies in Business" of DTEU VTEI.


In addition, we are members of the Council of Stakeholders of VNTU, VNAU, and DonNU, which is named after Vasyl Stus.

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Ukraine Rebuilding Task Force

URTF is an educational program from Visionest Institute on the Diia platform. Businesses for citizens of Ukraine, IDPs, entrepreneurs, specialists, and heads of organizations who plan to create or participate in international projects for the reconstruction and reconstruction of Ukraine.


Representatives of Luxoft Association companies, Me.develop studio, and CEO IT VN play the role of digital mentors for seven Ukrainian SMEs in the program.


QA insights


A charity series of seven QA meetings where youth learned how to evaluate and analyze/decompose them, consider buffers and risks in evaluation, team collaboration, and documentation.


With the collected funds, we organized the direct purchase and delivery of summer berets and uniforms for 120 OBrTrO.



A series of expert events for applicants, students, switchers, and relocated IT specialists.


As part of the project, seven top experts from the Association's IT companies held educational and consulting lectures for students, sweaters, and applicants of Vinnytsia.


Technological future of Vinnytsia


Training schoolchildren in the region on the basics of robotics, programming, and innovative entrepreneurship is carried out within the framework of the TFV project.


50 schools in the region received innovative Arduino robotics kits and access to educational programs on the basics of robotics, programming, website development, and mobile applications

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