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About the project

IT VN Tech Connect is a collaboration platform for Ukrainian businesses that want to implement innovative solutions but don't know exactly how and who will help them do it.


We aim to provide clear communication and tools for collaboration between different business sectors, as well as our city's community and IT specialists, to develop a comfortable ecosystem together.


Participating companies of the IT Association of Vinnytsia have many years of expertise in developing web products and mobile applications, cloud solutions, implementation of artificial intelligence, automation of business processes, modeling, and other technologies that make your business more modern and prosperous.

How it works

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Fill out the contact form

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Online call with a moderator

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Selection of performing companies

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Getting to know the performers

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Performance monitoring

* Vinnytsia IT Association receives no dividends from the IT VN Tech Connect project. It does not

transfer the personal data of the Client or the Contractor to third parties without their consent.


  1. Ease of use. All you need to do is leave a short request and get feedback from the moderator.

  2. Saving time and effort. Save time on searching for a performer, checking expertise, quality, and available resources - let's take care of it.

  3. Impartiality. We give each request a unique ID number, so the performer will only be interested in your project, not personal data.

  4. Guarantee. We guarantee the reputation and quality of our participating companies and support you throughout the project.


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