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❗️ Attention. Relocate❗️

Companies can organize a trip to Moldova with the support of the Vinnytsia IT Association. This is a group transportation, so the exact number of people is essential! Details in google form below

​​❗️ Moving. Moldova❗️

Friends, maybe this is relevant for you, or send this information to friends, relatives, relatives who will need it.

Tomorrow, 03/03/2022, at 09:00, a bus leaves from the city of Vinnytsia, Western Bus Station, to the border with Moldova 🇲🇩

There are 12 free places

We found a driver who will take you and your children to the border ➡️ you cross the border on foot ➡️ there you will be met by a representative of the IT Association of Moldova and you will be accommodated in a technical institute dormitory (Kisheniv) for free, with further transfer to a hotel!

At the border, you will be able to have a snack and drink tea/coffee for free ☕️

Details by number: 0636330690 - Diana


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