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Changes in the structure of the Vinnytsia IT Association

👋 On International Labor Day, it's finally time to share the changes that have recently taken place in the life of our team.

On March 23, 2023, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the IT Association of Vinnytsia - one of the most significant IT business associations of Ukraine, we approved the new composition of the board, as well as the program directions for this year. Despite the active phase of the war, we have a lot of work to do...

👏🏻 We also congratulate the newly elected head of the board of the IT Association of Vinnytsia - Dariia Nyshporska, and the members of the Supervisory Board:

Dmytro Sofyna - Head of the National People's Republic

Pavlo Moiseiev - Head of the National People's Republic on Law and Legislation

Oksana Nazarkevych - Head of the Republic of Poland on International Cooperation

Dmytro Balkhovskyi - Head of the National People's Republic for Science and Education

✅ We will not rush ahead; for now, we will only open the curtain on the projects that can be expected this year:

- two comprehensive studies on IT education and the technological and personnel market of Vinnytsia;

- internship programs, excursions, and a big August conference for young specialists;

- business hackathons, IT parties, and a "pilot" version of the city's startup incubator for innovative technologies.

You will soon see updated information about us and our projects on the official website of IT VN UA.

For cooperation issues, contact us! Join the active cooperation to strengthen the economic infrastructure before and after our victory!


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