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Did you know that the number of specialists in the IT industry in Ukraine has increased by 40K?

We predict a negative answer and hasten to inform you about the report of the study of the IT industry in Ukraine🙌, the results of which were obtained based on open data, state registers, and 98 Ukrainian IT companies!

In previous posts, we discussed the first comprehensive study 🔍 of the Vinnytsia region. At the same time, they summarized the results of 2021 and showed the results in the report Ukraine IT Report 2021 - "IT Ukraine" Association. The study presents short-term (up to a year) estimates and medium-term (up to 2025) forecasts regarding the development of the IT industry and specialized education, as well as a comparison of Ukraine as an IT country with neighboring countries. The study also provides answers regarding the state of the office real estate market and the impact of Covid-19 on the way companies work 🏢

The Vinnytsia IT Association representatives attended the presentation in Kyiv, got acquainted with the study results, and talked about future joint events. Next month, we invite representatives of IT Ukraine to Vinnytsia to discuss Action City with the heads of Vinnytsia IT companies (partners of the Association)🤝


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