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🇺🇦 Information survey in Vinnytsia region

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey quickly and allowed us to collect a pool of anonymous responses! Based on the collected data, we created an infographic to give a general idea of the situation in Vinnytsia.

Useful links were sent to companies by mail.

We can conclude that first of all, you should act with a "cool head" and always have a company response plan in case of any emergency.

💪🏻We remind you that the Armed Forces are more than 250,000. - this is the 22nd step in the world ranking, and next to that, we are engaged by the powerful political support of the Western world (whose armies occupy the first steps in this ranking). On the other hand, Vinnytsia has an excellent territorial location on the map of Ukraine to have more time for organized evacuation and defense of the region.

The Vinnytsia IT Association closely monitors events and communicates with the relevant authorities. All updates will be available in particular through this channel.


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