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​​​❕ Meeting with Mykhailo Fedorov

The head of the Vinnytsia IT Association after meeting with Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine:

🚀 Starlink satellite internet will be available throughout Ukraine shortly. IT companies will be the first in line to connect;

🥷🏻 IT specialists belonging to the fourth wave of mobilization will, first of all, try to be included in Cybertroopers (practical tasks and projects, export of IT services to ensure taxes);

👍 The Ministry of Digital will prepare and present a BCP (business continuity plan) for the entire IT industry to secure all parties (clients, investors, partners abroad) and confidently continue cooperation with Ukraine and the implementation of new projects;

🇺🇦 The HELP UA platform from the Vinnytsia IT Association, together with the support of the Ministry of Digital, will be expanded to all regions of Ukraine;

Remember, Strong Economy = Strong Army 🇺🇦


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