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​​🤝 Official partners with ASTA.MOBI

The number of new official partners continues to grow. So we congratulate another company on joining the Vinnytsia IT Association!

ASTA.MOBI is a consulting company that develops mobile solutions for brands, technology companies, and startups.

The specialty is to encourage and secure top technical talent.

As well as training new staff, once every six months, the company conducts free training for Flutter developers with the possibility of other internships in the company.

The company was founded in 2016, and since then, the team has implemented more than 250 projects for clients from the USA, European countries, and the South Pacific!

ASTA.MOBI notes: "We have already received 17 awards and strive to demonstrate our leadership position everywhere, both in professional activities and sports, intellectual games, and charity."

With a progressive young team of over 100 people, there is no technical challenge for the company that their team cannot overcome.

Thank you for your trust! We work together to support a strong economy and the development of the IT industry of Vinnytsia 🚀 @IT_VN #it_vn_association #ITwithukraine #it_vn_partners #ASTAMOBI


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