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​​⚡ Tech industry IT Research Resilience by Lviv IT Cluster

The Vinnytsia IT Association supports the implementation of IT Research Resilience and calls on IT specialists to participate in the survey.

After all, the study's results will tell companies what work strategy to develop to be ready for various scenarios of the development of events in Ukraine. During IT Research Resilience, the following will be investigated:

📌 how the war changes the landscape of the IT market and where new tech hubs can potentially appear in Ukraine;

📌 representative data on migration attitudes and plans of IT workers, taking into account several possible scenarios of the end of the war;

📌 socio-demographic profile of specialists, which, among other things, will allow us to trace how the war affected the level of income;

📌 how the size of human capital transformed the structure of companies during the war;

📌 changes that took place in the labor market after February 24 and what awaits it in the future;

📌 temporary economic effect in regions where IT specialists moved during or during the war.

At least 6,000 IT professionals participate in IT Research Resilience. If you are a representative of the IT industry, take the survey at the link.


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