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​​🖥️🇺🇦 Ukrainian IT Industry: rebooting in war conditions

Two long and arduous months of war have passed, which forced every business to reform and adapt to new military realities; The Vinnytsia IT Association is no exception here. In these conditions, the IT industry was almost the only one that could maintain its position and become economic support for the state.

IT specialists in Ukraine showed their multitasking ability: 2% joined the ranks of the Armed Forces, 5% joined the cyber army, and others combined volunteering with the execution of current projects and contracts.

Forced mass relocation caused significant changes in the IT map of Ukraine, as well as in the structure of the industry itself.

Understanding the importance of analytical studies of the national IT industry for the formation by the state and business of an effective strategy for its further development, we, together with the "IT Ukraine" Association, are launching a new study, "Ukrainian IT Industry: Rebooting in the Conditions of War"!

We invite you to participate in this research actively. We shape the future of the IT industry with joint efforts! Daedalyn, May 6


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