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Vinnytsia IT Association is confident in the continued development of the IT Industry in our region

Since Vinnytsia is at a safe distance from possible points of tension - all infrastructure facilities work normally, and society is as consolidated as possible 🤝

The guarantor of our work with you, as in all powerful economies of the world, is the Armed Forces. An example is the world's leading powers, Israel, Taiwan, and South Korea. Despite a decade of threats, they have become leaders in the development of modern technologies; Ukraine is no exception🙌

The coronavirus pandemic 🦠, over the past two years, has confirmed the fact that the IT industry is one of the most mobile spheres of the economy in the world and very quickly adapts to any challenges 📈

The Association's mission is to create the most comfortable and protected conditions for the smooth operation of the industry in Vinnytsia. The key to the economic growth of the IT sector is one of the key triggers for ensuring the combat capability of the Armed Forces, which in turn guarantees safety and stability for doing business in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Let's continue to develop.

Strong Economy = Strong Army

#ITstandwithukraine #it_vn_association


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