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Technological Future of Vinnytsia 

"Education of schoolchildren of the region establishes robotics, programming and innovative entrepreneurship"


 2021-2022 academic year


students of 8 - 11 grades


The main goal of this program is that young people who in 5-10 years will start getting jobs in local companies or create their businesses (startups) have mastered modern practical knowledge. As a result - the transformation of Vinnytsia into a real innovation hub of Ukraine.

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- Increase the number of employees in the IT industry in the region, thus solving the problem of staff shortages that exist now and are projected in the coming years.


- Increase the number of entrepreneurs and startup projects that use innovation, through the practical use of knowledge in the future.


- To preserve the outflow of better and talented young people, and give them opportunities to develop in their own region.

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- Obtaining practical knowledge and skills in robotics and engineering (creation with the help of smart electronics kits and home appliances), as well as its programming

- Gaining practical knowledge and experience in creating websites, web applications, and mobile applications

- Gaining practical knowledge and experience in creating your own business using an innovative component

- Gaining practical knowledge in learning English and consolidating them in practice

- Consolidation of the received practical knowledge and their real application, with the continuation of their application in real life




Selection of educational institutions until December 15


Training of teachers and students


Startup tournament with stages: school, district, regional
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